Meet Tammy Walden

(On the right)


Tammy is an excellent manager and makes her vendors feel like part of a family!  She is not only the store owner/manager, she also has her own line of merchandise that she sells.  First, is her Triple Heart Organic Farm Jams and Jelly's.  She grows all of her fruits and vegetables so she knows exactly what is going into her product. 

She also sells Limu Original and Juice Plus

Call her to find out more.


Meet Our Vendors

Stay tuned, more to come!

Geraldine Carter

Zoe's Nail Products

We have been in business in New Mexico for more than twenty years, with a full-service nail and hair salon. We carry a wide variety of nail products and supplies for your convenience. All of our nail products are patented. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions!


[email protected]

Steve & Deb Casey

Casey's Creations

Casey's Creations makes handcrafted products for you.

Currently we make fingerless gloves, winter headbands/ear warmers, reusable sweeper covers, face scrubbies, dishcloths/


kitchen scrubbies, skillet handle covers, pot​holders, and handcrafted soap. If you don't see what you're looking for?

​Just call 505-270-6330

Shelley Evans


I'm an Independent Distributor for SeneGence products.

Waterproof Cosmetics and Skincare.

Come and see me and try on some of our beautiful Lip colors, the glittery eyeliners, or waterproof foundations. I would love to help you!


[email protected] 

The Lerma Family

Metal Art

We are a Family of 5 creating art for 15 years from recycled materials that can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Our art is unique, and always different.

We take custom orders.

Made in Albuquerque, NM

NOT in Mexico!




[email protected]

Greg Johnson

Wind Chimes and Stuff

Call me to see what is available and find out what I can do for you or for someone special.


[email protected]

More vendors to come!

Sonia Thomas

Sonia's Designs

I work for several Native American tribes in the state, selling their jewelry, pottery, Kachinas and more.  All the jewelry is authentic, made with sterling silver and semi-precious stones.  Most of the pottery is signed by the maker and marked by the tribe it comes from. 

The Day of the Dead figures are handmade by my sister.  I bring them up from Mexico.

fb: Sonia Hoffman-Thomas

Kii & Ty


We are just two human beings who love making crafts with the essentials provided.  We make survival bracelets, pouches, horse halters, and a lot more crafts.  Find us at Instagram:


We are growing!

Shiera Haney


I love to crochet, when I am not busy with my little guy! 

I crochet plushies, beautiful, lined totes, women's tops, and blankets from baby size to king size.  Call or email me and let me help you choose that perfect gift for an expectant mother or just for yourself.


[email protected]

Miriam Maldonado

Bricks & Minifigs 

Here at Something Different we sell collectable LEGO® Minifigs and LEGO® sets.  It is definitely worth your while to stop in and see what is available!  We are your one-of-a-kind toy shop for buying, selling, and trading LEGO® products.


[email protected]

Still Growing!

Josie Gates


I enjoy doing designs with photography.  I use them and other designs to make original, handmade greeting cards, journals, pocket size notebooks and so much more. Come on it to see the great selection of beautiful and practical items I make. [email protected]